Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Magicians of Love

Title: 愛情魔髮師 / Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi 
English title: The Magicians of Love  
Also known as: Love Magicians 
Genre: Romance / comedy Episodes: 22 

Ming Dao as Du Ya Si aka Artz Joanne Zeng as Bei Ruo Yi aka Xiao Bei Sam Wang as Lin Er Qi aka Richie Jacky Zhu as Fei Nan Du aka Fernando Huang Yu Rong as Xiao Zhe Ming

This series is basically about a poor girl being tricked into working at a famous hair salon, Neo-Image. At Neo-Image, Xiao Bei, the main girl character, thinks she's in love with Richie, one of the famous barbers, but deep down she likes Artz, another famous barber and also the main guy character. Artz and Xiao Bei both like each other, but they didn't want themselves to believe that. They go through many tough times and many good times together and at then end, Artz finally has the courage to tell Xiao Bei that he likes her. Artz and Xiao Bei then live a happy life together, working at Neo-Image.

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